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The Photogallery n. a. Lumiere Brothers
 The Photogallery n. a. Lumiere Brothers

The Photogallery n. a. Lumiere Brothers was founded in 2001. It is the first private photogallery in Russia. We specialize in the exhibition and sale of works by known and contemporary fine art photographers. The collection of the Gallery contains works by such classics of Russian photography as Lev Borodulin, Jakov Khalip, Emmanuil Evzirikhin, Boris Ignatovich and many others. Contemporary artists represented include Sergei Konukhov, Svyatoslav Ponomarev, Pavel Glebov, Ekaterina Golitsina, Dmitriy Donskoi.

Nowadays we continue to enrich our funds of classic Russian photography of the XIX – XX centuries and work with many talented emerging artists.

The distinctive feature of our photo projects has always been the "originality" of works represented on the walls of the gallery. All prints are numbered and signed by the authors or by the heritors of the copyright.

In 2005 we were the first in Russia to represent the best works by William Klein, that were made for the famous illustrated magazine “Vogue” in the 50-60s. We hope that our gallery will continue to introduce the brightest names in the world photography to our audience.

Director: Grigorieva Natalia
E-mail: grigorieva@lumiere.ru

Address: The Central House of Artist, 10 Krymsky Val, Moscow, Russia, 119049

We’ll be happy to answer your questions on the phone: +7 (499) 230-38-68

E-mail info@lumiere.ru

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday: 11 am - 7 pm
Closed Mondays

Admission: 100 rubles

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